Preparing your child for medical imaging with the Okee app

If your child has to attend one of our clinics for a medical imaging procedure, we want their experience to be as comfortable as possible. It's understandable that they might be apprehensive about what's involved, however there is an app called 'Okee in Medical Imaging' developed by The Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne which encompasses games and information to help your child feel reassured about their visit.

The games and activities are a fun way for children to familiarise themselves with holding their breath and keeping still, which depending on the procedure, can be important elements in achieving high quality images to aid the Radiologist's diagnosis. Although the app was designed specifically for the hospital and therefore has been content specific to that environment, the games and activities apply to the examinations we offer in our clinics.

Click on the Okee image below to go directly to The Royal Children's Hospital website to access more information on the app and to download from either the App Store or Google Play.