World Class Technology

Revolutionising the face of radiology

As medical imaging continues to undergo rapid change we pride ourselves on being at the forefront in all areas, and in particular technology. We are committed to implementing the latest digital radiology across our entire network and leveraging the myriad benefits this will bring to our referring doctors, their patients and our staff.

Advanced technology, superior clinical outcomes

Maintaining our position at the cutting edge of technology is an important part of our service delivery, enabling us to ensure superior clinical outcomes in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Regional Imaging firsts: continuous investment in technology

  • 2002 - First private operator of PET/CT
  • 2008 - Digital distribution of images to referrers
  • 2007 - Adopted of 3Tesla MRI technology
  • 2011 - Introduced 3D imaging capability for Mammography services across the network
  • 2013 - Undertook network wide roll out of low dose CTs and began research on MRI techniques for prostate cancer
  • 2013 - Introduced world first advanced ultrasound technology
  • 2015 - Introduced first research grade advanced 3Tesla MRI into private clinical practice
  • 2016 - Introducing functional MRI and PET prostate imaging
  • 2017 - Introduced Australia's first Multitom Rax Twin robotic x-ray machine at Calvary Hospital Hobart

Integrated Radiology Information System and Picture Archiving Communications System (RIS/PACS)

Regional Imaging has a state-of-the-art RIS/PACS system and digital imaging technology across the entire network allowing for the distribution, storage and retrieval of all our digital images. This integrated system provides our radiologists with rapid access to reports and recent prior images for comparative purposes.

The RIS/PACS delivery and information platform captures all images in a digital format, facilitating image manipulation and enhancement, significantly improving diagnostic capabilities.

I-MED Online

I-MED Online delivers medical images and reports directly to referring doctors using the benefits of broadband internet to complement hard copy film. It is powered by a platform that uses secure encryption technology to maintain patient privacy.

Referring doctors can log onto the password-driven secure Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) from work or home 24/7 and immediately review their patients’ images and reports simultaneously. This free service is easy to install and simple to use requiring only broadband access and a computer with a Windows based platform.

I-MED Online App

Pre-registered and approved medical professionals can now download the new I-MED Online App for smartphones and tablets from the Apple iTunes or Google Play store. When logged in to the app, doctors will be able to access view-only diagnostic images along with a patient’s imaging history. This is particularly useful for referring doctors who practice at a number of clinics or spend a lot of time on the go as it will allow them to view incoming scans from their smartphone or tablet and act on critical cases with speed. Visit the iTunes or Google Play stores to download the apps.

I-MED Online:

Latest imaging equipment

Regional Imaging invests significantly in providing the very latest imaging equipment. An example includes the most recent equipment upgrade; the installation of state of the art CTs offering the benefits of:

  • Enabling lowest radiation dose possible without compromising images by using the most advanced radiation dose reduction technologies
  • Helping bariatric and obese patients:
    • Largest table weight limits available (some scanners up to 205kg)
    • Largest bores available (some bores up to 78cm )
  • Metal artifact reduction – significantly improving image quality and subsequently aiding diagnosis
  • Helping cardiac patients through advanced CT cardiac imaging examinations including CT Coronary Angiography, CT Colonoscopy, CT Angiography, CT Venography.

3-D Lab

We have also introduced a virtual 3-D Lab comprising centrally based servers with highly advanced software that enable instant computer-aided diagnosis and reporting of patient MRI and CT scans. The new development will allow radiologists at any Regional Imaging's clinics access to the latest and most comprehensive advanced imaging tools, ultimately improving diagnostic accuracy and patient outcomes.